Give For Good

Helping those in need while promoting meaningful giving within your community

About Our organization

We help those in need

We work to connect goods and services to local charities and to those who need it the most.

We believe in giving back to the community

With your generosity we believe we can help alleviate poverty and make life better for families living in our community. We believe that every business (big or small), and every individual in our community has something they can Give for Good.

We make giving easy

Our easy-to-use website makes it simple for community members and businesses to offer goods and services (for free) to those in need. This website will not only save you time trying to find which organization(s) could benefit from your goods and services, but it allows you to see first hand how your generosity is having an impact.

We believe everyone has the right to high quality goods and services

Give for Good helps individuals and families in need access high quality goods and services that have a positive and meaningful impact.

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Once your donation is matched, an email is sent to exchange delivery details with the grateful recipient.

ask us how you can give

Do you have a specific skill, service or resource and aren't sure how to use it in a charitable way? Contact us directly and we will work together to discover how you can Give for Good!

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Are you an individual or a family or a charity/community organization ? Search and browse from a list of goods and services available by donation in your area.


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Once your request for the good or service has been accepted, an email is sent to exchange delivery details with the gracious donor.

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